Ashley Madison Mystery Encounter easy search feature introduced

Introducing New Ashley Madison Mystery Encounter

Everyone loves a little mystery when it comes to hookups, affairs, and fantasy.

That’s why Ashley Madison is introducing a new Mystery Encounter feature; available exclusively for women on the Ashley Madison iPhone App. (Our Android Mystery Encounter feature is coming soon!)

With Mystery Encounter, Ashley Madison will suggest a Mystery Man profile just for you. You’re in charge, so you can decide if you are intrigued by our pick and want to message him—or if you want to try your luck on your next match.


Not only is Mystery Encounter a lot of fun, it also makes it much easier to spotlight the number of interested men in your area.

To test Mystery Encounter, simply log in to your Ashley Madison iPhone App and head to Search, tap on the Mystery Encounter ad, and get your experience started.

Try Mystery Encounter today and tell us what you think!


About Ashley Madison is the original destination for married dating and the global leader for extramarital affairs. With more than 54 million member accounts worldwide since 2002, Ashley Madison is the premier destination for polyamoryopen relationships, and sexless marriages.


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