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3 Tips for Keeping Up Your Affair in 2019

    New year, new me? Like a lot of things, a New Year’s resolution can start strong and finish…well…quickly. 😉 Which is why a lot of people resolve to just continue doing more of what they’re already doing.

    For the members of Ashley Madison, this rings true as most told us they don’t plan on leaving their affairs in 2019.

    In fact, this year our members hope to find more affair partners (58%), increase the number of new experiences with their affair partner (27%), spend more time with their affair partner (17%), and to put more effort into being discreet (16%).

    Why the commitment to their affair life? For starters, more than a quarter (27%) say it’s simply because they’re having a lot of fun! For another 13%, they say they’re hooked and don’t want to stop now, while another 13% say they are having the best sex of their life. They like the thrill of finding someone new who can satisfy those needs that go unmet in their marriage. And that’s what it is for a lot of members, they like to spend time with someone outside of their marriage and can then return home to their marriage more complete and satisfied.

    Here are some tips for keeping up with your affair this year:

    1. Be discreet.

    When it comes to infidelity, discretion is the name of the game. You need to take precautions that will one; allow you to find a potential extra-marital partner, and two; allow you to have a successful affair, that is an undiscovered affair.

    You can’t just walk out on the street and find yourself an affair partner. Well, you can, but the chances of finding someone outside of your social circles, someone who doesn’t have ties to anyone you see or talk to or that your spouse sees or talks to on even a semi-regular basis is slim. Giving yourself the time by having patience to find the ideal person who is looking for a similar relationship is what will be the most advantageous to you. Thereafter, the upkeep of said relationship(s) becomes the number one priority. Making sure you aren’t talking on the phone with them around your spouse, meeting in places that your spouse frequently visits, and ensuring you have the open door to spend time with your new partner without any questions being raised are all top of mind priorities for beginning and maintaining your extra-marital endeavor.

    2. Put yourself out there

    To find an extra-marital affair, you have to be able to be open and honest with the people you come in to contact with. On Ashley Madison, people who typically have a successful affair have and create a profile that accurately depicts themselves, who they are looking for and the kind of relationship they are hoping to start.

    To create a fully developed profile, ensure you populate the following fields on your account.

    1. Ensure that you are uploading a picture of yourself, which can be masked or blurred to ensure your own privacy.
    2. Write a couple of sentences about who you are and why you’re looking for someone outside of your marriage.
    3. Outline some of the things that you fantasize about, some of the things that turn you on, because that may just attract someone who can fulfil those fantasies, matter even as a fantasy of their own.
    4. Message other members with intention. You don’t want to go straight to the “let’s fuck tonight” opener. Say hello, ask them about themselves, read their profile to see if there is anything that stands out to you that you could start a conversation about. Maybe they aren’t feeling very appreciated by their spouse, maybe you are too. Maybe they are in a sexless marriage, maybe you are too.
    5. Be mindful of the times and limitations they have within their own life and marriage when it comes to responding to your message. Some people can’t monitor their inbox all day, or even every day. Sometimes people have designated times of the week that they can freely explore their Ashley Madison account. Try to be accommodating in this area, without raising any red flags in your own life and marriage about your activity.

    3. Plan an exciting trip

    Much like the other members of Ashley Madison looking to keep the excitement of their tryst going this year, plan a trip or a date that is out of the ordinary. Creating events that both of you are interested in and maybe have yet to do only fuels the fire for the relationship. Not into a long-term relationship for our affair? That doesn’t matter, maybe you take a trip to a beach or go for a hike, opening the door for some exciting new locations to explore your partner’s body.

    At the end of the day, whether you meet with someone once a week at a hotel, or see them several times a week for dinner, getting creative with the types of things you do and places you go with your affair partner will help bring you closer together and likely more turned on by each other.

    So, this year, take care of yourself and find what really makes you happy, no matter who that is. Make this the year of you.

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