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Ultimate Guide to Keeping Things Sexy During Social Isolation

    Whether you’re single or have a partner, socially distancing or stuck in your home with your significant other, there’s no reason your sex life should suffer during COVID-19. While many of us are used to going out and meeting people before we bed them, it’s no longer an option. But there are still plenty of sexy times to be had. In this comprehensive guide, we will list all the ways you can keep things spicy in the bedroom (or other rooms of the house)!

    Meet People Online

    Now is not the time to meet new people in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little online fun! Ashley Madison is great for meeting other married people who are looking for an online affair and know how to keep things discreet. 

    Dive into the exciting world of online dating, where you can interact with people without leaving your home and exposing yourself to COVID-19. Remember the good old days when a phone call was the standard for getting to know someone before meeting them? Take a trip to the past and dial in! Video calls are the next logical step after a phone call. Remember, just because you’re at home doesn’t make it ok to wear sweatpants on your sexy video date. Dress up just like you would for a real date!

    So whether you’re meeting someone new online or keeping in contact with your current partner, use the power of technology to keep it spicy! 

    Something New with Your Partner

    So you’re working from home and so is your partner. Maybe you’re not working, but you’re still at home. Either way, you have more time on your hands than ever before to bestow upon your spouse. Instead of driving each other crazy with each other’s presence, why not take this time to explore sexually? Perhaps there was always something you’ve wanted to try in the bedroom, but lacked the time or initiative. Hey, if you never try, you’ll never know!

    To get started, write down a list of 5 things you’d like to try in bed. Have your partner do the same. Check if any of them match up, and gently talk about the ones that don’t. Which ones are a maybe? Keep an open mind and go slow, because consent is sexy!

    Cyber Sex

    You’ve met someone online and want to get it on, but alas, social distancing is getting in the way. Maybe you have a partner to get it on with, but again, social distancing is stopping it from happening. Whatever your situation, the power of technology can ease your desires. Cyber sex has been around since pretty much the beginning of the internet and it’s here to stay. All you need is an internet connection and a video chat app. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype or even Zoom are all possible options for an online quickie.

    If you’re having an affair, this is probably the only way for you to connect with your affair partner. Discretion is paramount here – the best time to video chat is when your spouse is out of the house. Try taking turns to get groceries, so that you have some time alone to devote to your affair.

    Read our comprehensive guide to cyber sex here.

    Read Erotic Literature

    Before cyber sex, phone sex and porn, there was erotic literature. Sure, porn may be the obvious choice, and so easily accessible too. But why not tap into the power of your imagination and let the written word whisk you away to a land of erotic dreams? While we strongly discourage you from going to the library or the book store, there is plenty of erotic literature you can read online. From the ‘Story of O’ to the Kama Sutra, there are thousands of works of erotic literature out there. Give this literary genre a chance and see if it can ignite a spark in the bedroom. 

    If you’re feeling extra adventurous and creative, why not try writing your own? This is a chance to let your imagination run wild on paper. 

    Watch Porn

    This is an obvious solution not only for yourself but as a way to connect with your spouse or affair partner. While it may be satisfying to consume copious amounts of pornography on your own, it could also be used as a means to explore sexually during COVID-19. Consider watching the same porn as a lover who’s socially distancing for a shared experience. Explore the categories together and learn something new about one another.

    Feeling adventurous? Consider filming and editing your own porn. This can be done solo or with a partner, even in isolation. Now that you have more time on your hands, this may just be the sexy and creative project you’ve been looking for.

    Listen to Sexy Music

    Light some candles and turn on the R&B. Or whatever genre puts you in the mood. Maybe it’s metal, house or classical, but whatever tunes get you going can keep your mojo alive while you’re social distancing. There are whole playlists and categories dedicated to music for sex on streaming platforms or you can kick it old school and put on some records if you’ve got them.

    Not only will the sensuality of music help set a sexy atmosphere, but it can also empower you to dance and discover your body in a sensual way.


    Last, but not least is the ancient art of self-pleasure. For many of us, masturbation was the initiation into the world of pleasure and has remained a mainstay in our sex lives. Now it might be the only way to relieve the sexual tension in our lives. Whether by hand or toy, it’s a safe and easy way to enjoy carnal pleasures during COVID-19 and social distancing. Try combining it with erotic literature or porn.

    The Final Word

    In these uncertain times, your sex life can flourish or flounder. Use this guide to keep the spark alive whatever your situation may be. Alone or partnered, you can still enjoy sex and find ways to explore your sexuality. Necessity is the mother of invention, and while social distancing can seem like a restriction on your sex life, trying something new can be an aphrodisiac all on its own. Why not get out there and explore?

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