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8 Tips to Make Your Relationship Social Distancing-Proof

    COVID-19 got you stuck in the house with your spouse? Here are ways to ensure your relationship is social distance proof to survives the pandemic.

    As the leading discreet married dating website, we’ve heard from millions of members as to what causes marital strife. In these trying times, we’re here to help (affair-seekers or otherwise).

    A quarantine can test any couple – even the strongest relationship. As a result of a pandemic, you are likely in close quarters with your spouse for an indefinite period of time. You’re now both working remotely, practicing social distancing from friends and family and potentially trying to keep your kids busy all in the same space. Minimizing conflict and keeping things fresh are your main goals to not only survive but thrive during this time. 

    You are in this together and you want to come out of it as a pair. Now is the time to put in the extra effort and get creative to keep your household intact – post or even during isolation. Here are 10 ways to alleviate strain on your relationship while staying home. 


    Social distancing is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster, and as a couple, you are in the same boat together. When tensions rise, neither of you have the luxury to take space. 

    Communication is the key to avoiding escalation. These are stressful times, and it is normal for you and your partner to feel overwhelmed. Show your support by checking in with your spouse regularly. Ask them how they are doing or see if there is anything you can do to make them feel better. Avoid minimizing their feelings with phrases like “there’s nothing to be afraid of”. Instead, acknowledge their fears and concerns by saying “I know you are scared”. Calming down your spouse will help keep the peace between you two.

    Communication is not one-sided. You too should be open and honest with your spouse when you are feeling anxious or need help. The benefit of being in a relationship at a time like this is you can work on intimacy and vulnerability as a couple.

    Explore Each Other… and Your Desires

    Boredom is the greatest enemy of sexual desire and satisfaction. While you are working out the kinks of being isolated together, why not get kinky? There is no better time to focus on your sexual connection when neither of you have commitments or anywhere else to be. You may not be able to go outside, but exploring each other in the bedroom sounds much more exciting to us. 

    You may find you are experiencing an enhanced sexual desire during these apocalyptic times. Don’t worry – it’s completely normal! Strong emotions like fear can amplify arousal. When people are faced with their own mortality, they tend to want more casual sex. A heightened sense of fear mixed with an increase in leisure time is the perfect recipe to try something new in bed. Need some spicy ideas on how to act on those desires? Read our Ultimate Guide to Keeping Things Sexy During Social Isolation.

    Change Up Your Schedule 

    Working remotely generally means flexible work hours. Sex does not always have to happen after the steam whistle blows. Book a meeting in both your schedules or better yet make it an impromptu rendezvous during the day. 

    Ever fantasized about an office romp? Play out that fantasy you wouldn’t dare do at your 9 to 5. Your coworkers won’t find out. Unless you are into that!

    There’s a reason 50 Shades of Gray is so popular. Fantasies about power dynamics are very common and very arousing. BDSM is alluring because one partner relinquishes all sense of control. You are forced to stay home because of COVID-19, why not reclaim your dominance in the bedroom?

    Put Down Your Phone

    For the majority of us, it is easy to gravitate towards our phones when we are bored. Our phones can occupy a lot of our time and take away from relationships. Be mindful of the time you’re spending on your device while at home. Set boundaries with how much screen time you allow yourself in a day. Do not let it distract you from your partner. Be cognizant of when your partner is in the room. Give them your full attention when they are engaging with you.

    You’ll have plenty of time to talk and get to know each other during this experience. It’s okay to be on your phone, but know when it’s too much. Spending a lot of time on your device could have your spouse feeling neglected and unimportant.

    You Don’t Have to Go Out For Date Night

    Who says date night has to be out on the town? The best seat in the house is in yours. Carve out quality time to date one another. 

    Fortune favors the bold. Get creative on how you set up a night in. Open a bottle of wine and cook that dish you have mastered. If you have a backyard or balcony, set up lights and candles for a romantic night of stargazing. Most likely you and your partner have been working in sweats all week. Get dressed up for your big date. Whatever fun night you come up with, your partner will no doubt appreciate the effort. 

    Our recommendation? Make it a movie night… make a movie and watch it together. A sexy feature film starring you two in the bedroom is sure to be a memorable night.

    Learn Something New

    Learning something new can be a powerful way to bond as a couple. While you have the time, sit down and brainstorm new activities or projects you would like to do together. There are countless tutorials online to teach you a new trick in the kitchen or a new move for the dance floor. 

    Even if the lessons don’t pay off, you will enhance the quality of your relationship and make new memories. In 2000, The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a study that found couples who engaged in a novel and arousing activity reported an improvement in their relationship quality and passion. When you’re trying to beat boredom, escape the mundane and strengthen ties by learning something new.

    Looking for an arousing activity you can work on together? Why not start with perfecting your skills in the bedroom! Try out new positions or work on old ones you don’t quite have the hang of. You will come out of quarantine more relaxed and more experienced than others.

    Give Each Other Space

    Maintaining individuality is key. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to – or should – do everything together. It’s okay to do some things on your own. Being in tune to your partner’s needs of when they want and don’t want attention is an art. Perfecting time alone is just as important as working on your time together. 

    In a time that is both emotionally and physically draining, you and your partner will eventually crave alone time. Sense when your partner is retreating and respect their time alone.

    Give them the space to be by themselves. Allow your partner to sneak away for a solo workout or with a good book. 

    Communicate kindly with your partner when you are in need of solo time. Mutual consideration of each other’s time alone is important when isolated together. A good sign of when both of you are in need of time away is if you two start bickering. A little absence is sure to make the heart grow fonder – especially when both of you are in quarantine. Learn more about self-love during social distancing here.

    Bare All When You Argue

    If all else fails and you must argue, do so naked! We can’t guarantee you won’t have conflict while isolated at home, but we are certain you will make up faster if you are in your underwear. 

    You can survive this together! Try to keep things light and sexy in your relationship during this time. Imagine the two of you a year down the road with today’s memories you will look back on. Stay healthy, happy and horny!

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