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4 Ways To Be More Confident

    The mind is a powerful thing. People tell you to visualize what you want and you’ll get it, but we can recognize it takes a bit more than that. One thing that is true, however, is that the mind is where your confidence comes from. Everyone likes confidence. Confidence is something that both women and men find attractive, so if you want to up your online dating game, then you’re going to need to be confident.

    This can be hard sometimes, since a lack of connection can make us so desperate for connection, and overcoming our own insecurities as we step into the digital realm to open ourselves up to strangers can be hard.

    There are a few simple ways to keep your confidence up without having to change much about yourself. You want to make sure you don’t err on the side of arrogance, but we can all find ourselves feeling better simply by changing the way that we think. Remember that higher levels of confidence have a correlation with ease of obtaining sex, so follow these steps and you should be good.

    1) Eyes on the prize.
    If you want something, you not only want to keep an eye on what you’re doing, but have a game plan in mind. You want to make sure that you’re not looking at your efforts as impossible, but as positive steps toward what you want, whether it’s a new relationship or a job. Confidence won’t come if you’re constantly undercutting yourself.

    2) Be humble in a smart way.
    You don’t need to proclaim that you’re the best in the universe, but by keeping things simple, you can sound like you are anyway. If you can talk confidently about what you know or what you’re looking for without boasting, you’re going to sound a hell of a lot better than someone who needs to remind their potential partner that they’ve got a big penis all the time. You don’t need to constantly call attention to your assets, have confidence that your paramour will notice them.

    3) Failure is not something to be afraid of.
    We all fail sometimes. We all have trouble and need to fix the things that we’re doing, but if you can turn your failure into a learning experience then you’re already doing better than most of us. You can be confident even if you fail and take your lesson in stride. The most important thing to remember, especially if you’re talking about sex and relationships, is that failures are only good for you if you learn from your mistakes.

    4) Visualize rather than daydream.
    Daydreaming is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t get anything done. When you’re visualizing, there’s a purpose to what you’re doing and you’ll find that you’re able to make it so that you come up with plans to make things better than they are. If you want to have an exciting new relationship, visualize the affair and how you plan to make it happen. If you just daydream about the connection you want to have, either nothing’s going to happen or it won’t happen the way you want to. Good things take work and rarely fall into your lap even if your confidence level is high.

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