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9 Creative Spring Date Ideas

    Spring is finally here, so why not get out, meet someone new, and plan a special rendezvous with your secret side someone. While every park bench and restaurant patio is filled with first dates, you may be stuck in the same routine looking for something more exciting. Why wait for date night? Don’t let your marriage get in the way of your dating life. Here are the 8 best date ideas for you and your affair partner this spring.

    Movie Theatre – The beginning of spring also marks the beginning of summer blockbuster season. While there are a few movies where you are bound to bump into an acquaintance, there are a few movies where you might just have the whole theatre to yourselves. Skip out on the Avengers and opt for “Amazing Grace” or “Student of the Year 2”. Don’t worry if you missed “Student of the Year 1”, it’s not the movie you’re there to see.

    Hit the Open Sea – Get away from the land for a bit with a romantic boat ride. A boat tour may be a little pricey but it will be worth it to ensure privacy without settling for a less than perfect date. Just make sure you bring some extra clothes in case you get wet.

    Catch a Sports Game – The beauty of going to a baseball game is no one can tell for sure who you came with. Buy seats together with your date but walk in separately. Just avoid getting on the Kiss Cam and you will have a great date.

    Bar or Club – It seems like there is a bar for everyone these days, from college bars to cougar bars and everything in-between. With all these options, you’re bound to find an obscure bar where you’ll know no one. As long as there is dimmed light, music, and a dance floor it should be a great time.

    Go to a Park – It’s spring time and one of the best things to do is go see the flowers in bloom. You don’t have to miss out on seeing this on a date. Check out a park that none of your friends frequent, or check out a hiking trail outside of town. You shouldn’t have to miss out on spring just because you’re married.

    Travelling for Work? – A business trip could be the best opportunity you’ll have to have an affair. Use Ashley Madison’s Traveling Man feature to find someone where you’re going. Make the most of your business trip.

    Library/Book Store – While it may not be the world’s most romantic date spot, you certainly won’t bump into anyone you know as long as you don’t know any librarians. As long as you keep it down a library can be a very intimate date spot.

    Spa Day – A little alone time, just you, the masseuse, and your affair partner can be a very intimate outing for you both. Maybe pick a spa with a private Jacuzzi to really fire up the lust. Breath in, breath out, and allow yourself to relax.

    Take a Class – Doing something specific like taking a class for something you’ve never done before can be a fun way to expand your horizons, step out of your comfort zone a little and learn more about your date. Thin about taking a cocktail class making or wine tasting class, maybe go to a craft lesson. Something that you can be silly with and enjoy yourselves while investing in some time together.

    About Ashley Madison is the original married dating destination. With more than 60 million member accounts worldwide since 2002, Ashley Madison is the premier destination for polyamory,  open relationships, and surviving a sexless marriage.

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