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A New Type of Travel Reward

    Traveling is a great way to explore other open-minded parts of the world, but sometimes solo travel—especially for business—can be a lonely experience.

    If you’re one of the 488 million Americans traveling for business, why coop yourself up in your hotel room when there’s nightlife and restaurants to enjoy, and new experiences to be had?

    Spice up your business travel with travel dating on Ashley Madison:

    If you’ve got a trip coming up and hate those long, lonely hotel nights, consider the possibility of travel dating. We’re not talking about crossing your fingers and hoping to meet someone in the hotel bar—although that sometimes works too! We’re talking about setting yourself up for success before you even check-in at the airport.

    According to an American Express Business Travel Statistics Snapshot, the most popular American cities for business are Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. The top International destinations are London, Toronto, and Mexico. Therefore, if you’re traveling to any of these cities the likelihood of connecting with city locals, or other business travelers is quite good, if you put a little legwork in beforehand.

    Most apps and dating services limit you to your geographical area, but on you can select the city that you’re traveling to and start chatting with open-minded individuals through our Traveling Man and Traveling Woman feature.

    There are numerous benefits to meeting someone before you travel, and whatever you’re looking to experience is up to you!

    Mix business with pleasure
    Put down that remote and get out of the mini fridge! When you’re in a new city on your own, it’s all too easy to stick to what you know, but all work and no play can leave anyone feeling a little dull.

    When you meet locals or travel companions, they force you out of your comfort zone and, in turn, you experience things that you never could have planned. Whether that’s dancing and drinking the night away, taking in the cities sights, or locking yourselves in your hotel room, travel dating can open the door to a host of new experiences.

    Share the culinary delights with a companion
    Making a reservation for one isn’t for everyone. Start planning ahead and find someone to share those delicious oysters with.

    No-strings attached fun, or a little more
    Be open and honest with your connections. If you’re looking for the excitement and freedom of a one-time thing, speak your mind on Ashley Madison and chances are, you’ll find someone else who’s looking for the same.

    If you do travel regularly for work and you’re looking for a more regular connection, clearly communicate that and enjoy the perks of being a frequent flier.

    See the sights with a travel friend
    Climbing the Eiffel Tower … standing on top of the Empire State Building at sunset. These are the kinds of sights and experiences that are more fun when shared with someone special. Share a candlelit dinner on the shores of the Danube, or walk hand-in-hand down the cobbled streets of Montreal. Make your next business trip more romantic than eating take-out in your hotel room.

    Business travel doesn’t have to be lonely. Search out your next encounter in advance.

    A grueling meetings schedule is a lot easier to manage when you have an exciting evening planned. Check out our Traveling Man/Traveling Woman feature on and see for yourself!

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