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Back-To-School Season Means More Freedom For Moms, Here’s Why

    The end of summer means that moms are ready to get the kids out of the house and into a routine again. But what exactly will they do with an empty house?

    We asked our members how they plan to occupy their time when classes are in session and it turns out back-to-school for kids means back-to-bed for moms—with someone that isn’t their husband.

    According to the survey of more than 1,600 members of Ashley Madison, 68% of women look forward to having their kids back-to-school after the summer holiday, likely because they can have more freedom to do what they please. However, it’s not just more time to run errands or get work done that these women are after, almost half (49%) of female members surveyed plan to spend more time with their extramarital affair partner when the kids are back at school.

    “It’s a long-held belief that women take on the lion’s share of the emotional labor within the family and over time this can be taxing on women and put a strain on the marriage when the basic female needs of mothers go unmet or unnoticed,” says Dr. Tammy Nelson sex expert and author of The New Monogamy. “When the kids are out of the house, busy moms can finally breathe again and reassess their own needs.”

    Mom’s empty house means someone else’s spouse

    With 64% of women admitting to having affairs when kids are at school, when exactly are they arranging these meetings now that the house is empty?

    More than half of polled members (53%) indicated that daytime is their preference when meeting with an affair partner, perfectly timed against when the kids are out of the house and hubby is presumably away at work.

    Nearly one-third (32%) of women polled indicating noon as their ideal time slot to schedule a meeting with their side-partner with 16% of women opting for the morning.

    Now, the kids are usually in school for 5 days in the week. So how often are these moms meeting with their affair partner? More than a third (39%) of female members say they meet their affair partner once a week with a quarter (25%) saying they meet their affair partner twice or more per week. So it’s certainly not every day for most, but it does come down to taking advantage of the kids being out of the house. Besides, it can’t be all sex all the time.

    It’s important to recognize mothers as women with needs that span beyond running a family unit.

    Often times, women struggle to have fulfilling sex within their marriage because they are prioritizing the happiness of their family over their own, which is why some may eventually stray and find themselves on infidelity sites like Back-to-school is the perfect time for them to refocus some of their energy on themselves.

    Will you be capitalizing on a kid-free house during the school week?

    If the answer is yes, you won’t be the only one. With kids going back to school, and noon being the most desired time for an affair, it looks like mom is taking some time to pack her own lunch box, with a treat.

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