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Everyday Aphrodisiacs

    Eating and sex are easily some of the best things in life. Our members at Ashley Madison are always looking for ways to make their sex lives more interesting, more exciting, and just a little wilder. Which is why we suggest incorporating some of these aphrodisiacs in the bedroom, or just into your diet, to spice things up. Some might even aid in relieving erectile dysfunction or help reawaken desire.

    While you won’t find any cobra blood or baboon urine on this list, we wanted to go beyond the typical recommendations and really push some limits.


    Oysters have long been touted as one of  the most sexual foods because of the sensual experience while eating it. The 18th century lover Casanova was said to have breakfasted on 50 of the slippery raw mollusks everyday.

    Studies have found that their high concentration of zinc, as well as rare amino acids, can also result in an increased libido, making them the most popular aphrodisiacs.

    Hit up an oyster bar on your next date night and see if the studies hold true.


    Historically, the Aztecs called avocado “ahucati,” (which means testicle) and touted its ability to increase sexual vigor. In Japanese culture, ingesting avocado oil capsules is said to increase sexual prowess, and even Barbara Klein, Ph.D., professor of food and nutrition at the University of Illinois reminds us that doctors and nutritionists refer to it as the ‘sex vitamin.’

    Add a little avocado to your smoothies, salads, or whip up a batch of dark chocolate avocado pudding for a sexy dessert.

    Chili Peppers

    It’s been said that spicy food gets you in the mood, and that’s because of the capsaicin found in most chilis, which mimics bodily reactions during sexual arousal. Spicy chili peppers increase blood flow and make you sweat—tricking your body into thinking that it’s already in the throes of passion. 

    Try this spicy hot chocolate or a plate of nachos (with guacamole!) with the spiciest peppers you can handle.



    Long a symbol of fertility and procreation because of the process of creating this delectable sweet, honey can help increase sexual desire in both men and women.

    The ancient physician Hippocrates prescribed honey to increase sexual vigor, and doctors have concluded that the ingredient boron regulates hormone levels and helps in producing nitric oxide which is released into the blood during arousal.

    Whip up one of these cocktails with honey to get your libido buzzing.


    It’s not just high in calcium, vitamin E, and potassium, asparagus also contains thiamin and folic acids which all act to increase the intensity of your orgasms. The Kama Sutra even advises to drink it as a paste. While it may change the scent and flavour of your nether regions, the orgasmic benefits of this aphrodisiac side dish may outweigh the switch in smell. (In contrast, if you want your excretions to taste sweeter, eat more citrus-based fruits.)

    Roast them with a drizzle of olive oil or puree them in a soup and serve chilled.


    If the scent of asparagus doesn’t turn you on, the simple act of eating a banana can also make your orgasms more intense thanks to the way potassium aids in increasing muscle strength. The phallic shape, and the method of eating it, doesn’t hurt either.

    Try breakfast in bed with banana waffles or pancakes. Just be sure to bring extra whipped cream.

    During a study conducted in Sussex by Mindlab International Laboratory the scent of coffee was found to be a major turn on for women. Drinking coffee can increase stamina and provide a rush of happy-inducing dopamine, while the alkaloids help to maintain sexual performance.

    If that’s not enough evidence for you, a study found that female rats injected with caffeine became insatiable sex fiends.



    While there is some contradictory evidence on whether chocolate is actually an aphrodisiac, the romantic and sensual associations alone can give a boost between you and your partner. Scientists claim that phenethylamine and tryptophan are the main agents that act in producing serotonin and mimicking the stimulant released in the brain when we fall in love respectively.

    Additionally, high doses of flavanols found in the cocoa bean can relax blood vessels and stimulate blood flow to the brain.

    Chocolate fondue is a sweet way to spend the night getting sticky together.

    The following foods aren’t technically aphrodisiacs, but can still be super sensual when eaten with your partner.


    While the French once considered strawberries to be incredible aphrodisiacs, even feeding newlyweds strawberry soup, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. They do contain antioxidants and phytochemicals to help reduce joint inflammation, which could come in handy if you’re working on some acrobatic positions, but the most sensual experience with strawberries comes from feeding them to your partner.

    There was even a legend that if you found a double strawberry and broke it in half with someone special, it would bring true love.

    To up the aphrodisiac effect, be sure to incorporate strawberries into your chocolate fondue.

    Whipped Cream

    Unless you’re lactose intolerant, whipped cream will have no effect on your body or boost your libido. It is, however, hella sexy to cover your partner with this sweet dessert and lick it off.

    While they’re packed with feel-good vitamins (A,C, E, potassium, magnesium, folate, and iron), there’s no evidence that they’ll actually aid in your sexual prowess. Unless, of course, you can tie the stem with your tongue. Works. Every. Time.

    Whichever type of aphrodisiac or food you choose to try, even the preparation of a meal can be sexy if you do it together. So go ahead, get messy. We won’t tell anyone.

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