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How To Face The Big Changes In Your Life

    There is an old saying about adversity making us stronger. Despite this, the majority of us tend to avoid anything that will disrupt our routine. From something as simple as our train being delayed or being caught in a traffic jam to a marriage slowly fraying at the edges, we tend not to welcome change unless it is a change that we want such as things that will better our status in life or changes that we have long been working toward.

    Unfortunately, the majority of the change that we deal with has nothing to do with these pleasant alternatives. However, once the change starts happening, there are options and only you can decide how you react to said change. This is how you take control of your life and the way you react to challenges and adversity says a lot about your character.

    We’re currently in an age where  people are more educated than ever before and we have unprecedented access to information on any topic we want. We can self-diagnose our ailments online, we can teach ourselves new skills via YouTube videos, and we are more connected to each other through social media and technology. The brain simply cannot process all the information that it is bombarded with constantly so when you’re faced with the tough choices, like how to save your marriage or whether or not you should have an extramarital affair, you need to know how to process everything that’s going through your head.

    We all know how to obtain information, but very few of us have mastered the technique of filtering it so that only the relevant information is left. So when you’re faced with a tough decision, you’re going to want to do the following:

    DO take your time
    You don’t always have all the time you would like to figure something out. Sometimes there are deadlines or situations that make it impossible to take as much time as you would want, but if you have time to think over what you’re going to do, then take it. Don’t rush into situations or decisions as that’s when we tend to make the biggest mistakes.

    DON’T rely only on the advice of others
    When it comes to these big life decisions, you are the one who has to live with the consequences, so while it’s a good thing to talk to your friends about the issues that you’re having or to go online to see what other people are saying, you need to make these decisions on your own. You are the only person who is close enough to the situation to have a really good idea of what is good for you and what is not. Advice from people who are close to you can help you think clearly about what you’re going to do—but you don’t have to do exactly as they say.

    DO run a couple of scenarios through your head
    The more planned out your course of action, the better you will be able to see your plan through. Make sure that you don’t rely on one master plan, since life doesn’t tend to be so neat and tidy, and people who only make one plan can find it unraveling quickly when something unexpected pops up. Be aware of all the variables in your situation and make sure you have a plan B (and C, D, E, and so on).

    DON’T be afraid of change
    It’s this fear that can end up paralyzing us from taking any significant action. There may be a promotion, but the workload scares you. You may want to start a new relationship, but are afraid of getting hurt. If you plan carefully enough there’s little that will be able to get in your way. It’s the fear of change that can keep us standing still until we begin to stagnate, so make sure that you’re not making your choices out of fear. Change is frightening, but it’s also the only way that we’re able to move forward and grow in life.

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