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How to Mix Fitness with Pleasure

    Stay fit by…having an affair?

    Now that the buzz of the new year has come and gone so have many New Year’s resolutions like getting fit. But for many of our members, they’re not failing at all…they’re actually staying faithful to their fitness goals by being, well, more unfaithful.

    For many, entering the dating field again when you’ve been out of it for so long encourages you to put your best foot forward. When you’re in a sexless marriage that’s gone stale, many people get into a rut and put less effort into their physical appearance. Having someone new in your life is just the nudge many people need to get in shape. What does this entail exactly? Nearly half (41%) of respondents are exercising 2-5 times per week and 80% consider themselves to have an average level of physical fitness. What’s more, 71% consider their extramarital partner to be fit and/or seek an extramarital partner that is fit. Not surprising because let’s face it, healthy is hot.

    Staying fit isn’t easy, but it’s much easier when you have someone that will keep you motivated to reach that goal. Roughly three-quarters (70%) of our members say they use their extramarital partner as all the motivation they need.*

    Working out or “Working out”?

    So where does one find a fit extramarital partner?

    For our members, their search stays online because according to them when they do go to the gym 73% say they are there strictly to exercise. Moreover, 72% are not likely to exercise with their spouse or their secret partner.

    However, even though they aren’t consciously seeking an affair at the gym, there are still certain exercises that work as a turn on for gym goers. The top exercise that turns people on most is yoga/stretching (51%), followed by squats (19%).

    Top exercises that turn people on the most when someone else performs them

    Yoga/stretching – 51%

    Squats – 19%

    Other – 13%

    Bicep curls – 6%

    Stationary bike – 3%

    Stay fit, doggy-style

    If you dread spending countless hours on the treadmill, consider the cardiovascular benefits of sex. Researchers have found that “men who had sex two to three times per week had a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular disease than men who only had sex a few times a month or less.”

    Consider these sex positions with your (extramarital) partner as an alternative to your average fitness routine.

    Top 5 Favorite Sex Positions for Males**

    Doggy-style – 53%

    Cowgirl – 37%

    Missionary – 36%

    Sixty-nine – 31%

    Legs over the shoulder – 30%

    Top 5 Favorite Sex Positions for Females**

    Doggy-style – 57%

    Missionary – 33%

    Legs over the shoulder – 28%

    Cowgirl – 25%

    Legs up – 25%

    Simply having sex isn’t going to get you in the best shape of your life, but it will certainly help. According to researchers at the University of Montreal, “the level of intensity that is exerted from sexual activity could be higher than that of walking but less than that of jogging.” So just like exercise, the longer you do it the more calories you burn and those extra calories can definitely add up.

    Check out some ways to last longer in bed.

    Affairs allow people to break out of their routine with someone they may or may not see again. Mix that with a lack of inhibition, and the motivation to stay fit and you’ve got yourself a greater willingness to infuse more adventure and creativity into your affair rather than having to improve the sex inside the marriage. It’s likely why 53% of respondents refrain from trying new sex positions with their spouse while 93% say they do try with their extramarital affair partner.

    So whether you hit the gym or hit the sheets, be sure to mix fitness with pleasure in 2018.

    *Survey of 1,112 members of Ashley Madison between January 3, 2018 – January 4, 2018.

    **Survey of 1,456 members of Ashley Madison between January 11, 2018, to January 15, 2018

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