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Simple Steps for Sexy Selfies

    Most of us carry a high-tech camera (that occasionally takes calls) in our pocket at all times, so there’s no excuse for a bad profile picture or subpar sexy selfies. 

    In fact, according to AdWeek, 74 percent of all images shared on Snapchat are selfies and 1,000 selfies are posted to Instagram every 10 seconds.

    Selfies are everywhere now, so we want to help you set up the best shot—whether it’s for your Ashley Madison profile or bae’s phone background, we’ll have you snapping sexier selfies in no time.

    Put your back(ground) into it

    Make sure your backdrop is good to go before you take any pics. Laundry on the floor, a messy kitchen or bathroom, can ruin an otherwise sexy snap. Consider what you’re going for (cute, sexy, playful) and choose your location accordingly.

    Dress the part

    Wardrobe is the building block of successful sexy selfies. You know that feeling when you step into your silk robe or laciest lingerie? That shows on camera. Dress for the attitude you want to convey in your picture, and you’ll get extra confidence just from the clothes.

    If you want to tease and tantalize, just a glimpse of what you’re wearing can be extremely provocative. If you are wearing your fave LBD and killer heels, a bathroom mirror selfie can capture your head-to-toe look (just make sure it’s a nice bathroom).

    Lights, camera, angle!
    Everyone has a side or angle they prefer, so do some experimenting and find yours. Kim Kardashian swears by the “chin low, camera up” angle, while others recommend you hold your phone close to your face and use natural light. If you’re outside, put the sun directly behind your head.

    If you’re taking a pic indoors at night, say in bed or reclined, prop your head up with a pillow. A soft light in a different color (blue, purple, or red) can also make your selfie pop without a harsh flash or fluorescent lights.

    For full body shots, don’t be afraid to put your hand on your hip or pop your knee. Experiment with what works for you.

    Express yourself

    Smiling is always in style, but it’s not the only option for your sexy selfie game. Try a close-mouthed smile to add a bit of mischief, and focus on putting Tyra Bank’s famous “smize” to work. If you’re going for something more playful, a cheeky pout or a raised eyebrow can speak volumes.

    It’s okay to edit

    Once you’ve taken your selfie, you don’t have to stop there. Play with filters, colors, and crop until you’re satisfied. You can find cheap photo editing apps that will take a pic from good to great—some even add makeup for you.

    Snapchat and Instagram have lots of built-in filters, from sexy to silly depending on your mood.

    Share wisely

    Not everyone deserves your sexy self—or your sexy selfies. Make sure the person on the receiving end is someone you trust. If you are sending more risque shots, you may want to omit or edit out identifiable features (unique tattoos or your face).

    Just say no

    A few selfie poses are so overdone it’s best to avoid them. Just say no to:

    • Duckface
    • “V” for victory
    • Gym mirror selfies
    • “Caught me sleeping”
    • Car/seatbelt selfies
    • Blurry selfies

    Selfies are a great way to boost your social media or Ashley Madison profile, but don’t take them too seriously. They’re a great chance to have fun, feel confident, and share a different side of yourself.

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