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The Down And Dirty On Female Masturbation Statistics

    It’s a well-known fact now (or a hopefully well-known fact now) that women like to orgasm. Some like to masturbate themselves to orgasm both with and without the use of toys. Let’s talk about female masturbation.

    Female masturbation is no longer that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To find a woman who masturbates, you probably only need to look around. A woman who openly admits to masturbating might be harder to find, but even that isn’t that hard to find these days as women are becoming more open about their sexual experiences and preferences.

    It may not be as frequently discussed as male masturbation, but according to a recent survey, most women over the age of 18 have at least tried it, 92% to be exact.

    In the past this would have been unheard of. In 1979, only 74% of women admitted to touching themselves within the year that the survey was taken. That number had risen from 62% in 1953, but was still nowhere close to the prevalence of female self-pleasure that exists today.

    Women today are more open to self-pleasuring thanks to women’s lib and the sexual revolution. In the 1950s, and even in the 1970s, there was a stigma that single women/mothers or sexually liberated women as being loose or scandalous for enjoying their own body.

    Women who are in big cities tend to masturbate more with the average being four sessions every seven days. Surprisingly, women masturbate just as often when they’re with a partner as they do without one. When you do the math, the average woman spends about 41.6 hours a year masturbating.

    That’s right. An entire work week.

    It brings a whole new meaning to loving your work.

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