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Top Cities for Cheating in the United States, Canada, and More

    Did your city make the list?

    Is cuffing season a precursor to cheating season? With summer finally here the clothes are coming off and apparently, so are the rings.  Based on data from Ashley Madison you may want to adjust your summer travel plans – if you want to find some summer love. If you are someone looking for the hottest places for cheaters this summer Ashley Madison compiled The Infidelity Hotlist using last year’s summer signup data to identify which the top cities cheating in the US.

    The list looks at each city’s summer of 2018 signups on a per capita basis in order to determine the most unfaithful cities in the United States.

    USA’s Top Cities for Cheating

    1. Orlando, Florida
    2. Newark, New Jersey
    3. St. Louis, Missouri
    4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    5. Fremont, California
    6. Atlanta, Georgia
    7. Cincinnati, Ohio
    8. Las Vegas, Nevada
    9. Tampa, Florida
    10. Gilbert, Arizona
    11. Hialeah, Florida
    12. Cleveland, Ohio
    13. Garland, Texas
    14. St. Petersburg, Florida
    15. Plano, Texas
    16. Seattle, Washington
    17. Boston, Massachusetts
    18. Sacramento, California
    19. Anaheim, California
    20. Arlington, Texas

    The Hotlist Takeaways

    The big winners in the annual infidelity ranking are Floridians. Orlando, home to the Magic Kingdom, now gives a whole new meaning to the “Most Magical Place on Earth” after taking the number one spot on the list from last year’s winner, Seattle. Other Florida cities; Tampa, Hialeah, and St. Petersburg, also find themselves on the list telling us that the Sunshine State is primed for some sizzlin’ summer lovin’. Florida is truly of home to some of the top cities for cheating in the US.

    The rest of The Infidelity Hotlist is made up of some expected cities that are known for their party scenes, like Atlanta and Las Vegas, and some more low key locales, like Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. One thing is for certain, it doesn’t matter where you live, affairs can and will occur anywhere.

    “While most would assume that bigger cities probably produce more cheaters per capita, this data shows us what we were already aware of; cheaters are everywhere,” says Isabella Mise, Director of Communications for Ashley Madison. “Seeing a city like Pittsburgh that’s more well known for its steel production than its nightlife, beat out places that are known as adult playgrounds, like Las Vegas, just reinforces that infidelity can be found in every facet of life, and no city big or small is immune to it. This year it’s Orlando, next year… who knows, it could be your hometown.”

    Check out the Top Cities for Cheating in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain below!

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