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6 Sexy Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Affair Partner & Your Spouse

    Give and you shall receive. Are you looking to spice up your marriage this Valentine’s Day? Do you want to explore more in your affair this Mistress Day (Feb. 13th)? The key to sexual satisfaction could be the gift you get your partner(s)!
    Here are the 6 Hottest Gifts for whoever you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day (or Mistress Day!) with.

    Valentine’s Gifts for Your Spouse

    There’s a lot of pressure to get that perfect Valentine’s gift that strikes the balance between sentimentality, functionality and sexiness. Your partner wants to know they’re still desired (even if you’re having an affair). Long-term partners can fall into a routine, and it can be difficult to find the time to make each other feel sexy, desired, and confident. So, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, it’s important to capitalize on the opportunity to connect with your lover. With the right gift, your Valentine’s day can be the spark you need to reignite your marital sex life. Here are 3 gifts you can get for your spouse this Valentine’s Day.

    1. Pheromone Necklace

    Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s gift, and the right piece of jewelry can make your wife feel more confident. So why not go the extra mile and get your wife a necklace that not only intensifies her beauty, but also makes her smell irresistible too? The pheromones emitted act as a sexual signal that can leave anyone lustful, so be careful who your wife wears this around…

    2. Lingerie

    Whether it’s a racy bra and panties set, a lacy teddy or a robe, the gift of lingerie never gets old. 

    Black for mystery. Red for sensuality. White for simplicity.

    Just, please. No crotchless panties.

    You may think lingerie is a gift for women only, but in a marriage, the act of putting on lingerie to arouse your husband is a Valentine’s gift for him too. It will make both of you feel confident, and remind both of you of your sexuality.

    3. Massage Oil

    Relax and get sensual. The physical connection you get from a massage doesn’t need to lead to sex, but it often does.

    In a busy marriage, balancing kids, work, and your own needs can leave you and your spouse feeling tense. What better way to release your tension and get some stress relief than an intimate, and sexy massage? Discover your partner’s body again.

    An added bonus is that if your foreplay game is weak, there’s nothing like a massage to get it going.

    Valentine’s Gifts for Your Mistress

    You may not be able to spend time with your affair partner on Valentine’s Day, but February 13th known as Mistress Day, is the perfect day for them. Get your affair partner a Valentine’s gift that you both can appreciate, one that leads to all sorts of crazy sex!

    1. Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit

    Looking to dip your toes into the waters of sexual experimentation? There’s no better way to try something new in the bedroom than to gift your affair partner one of these beginner kits.

    Eye mask, handcuffs, vinyl whip, oh my! Shake up your sex life in a big way with someone you are sexually compatible with. There is no better time to introduce BDSM into your sex life than on Mistress Day! Certain studies even claim that it can help reduce stress and its negative effects. Make sure you discuss boundaries first, have a safe word and take things slow, especially if this is your first foray into BDSM. Oh, and have an excuse for those marks and bruises come Valentine’s Day!

    2. Sexy Advent Calendar

    This is the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving. There’s a sexy advent calendar for everyone, with items that span from lingerie to whips and everything in-between. No matter your comfort level, there’s bound to be a calendar that fits your fantasy.

    While most associate advent calendars with the holiday season, there’s no reason not to use these sexy calendars year-round. Say goodbye to the traditional advent calendars of the past and bring on the sexy advent calendars this Valentine’s Day!

    The best part of an advent calendar is that it allows you to experience something new and fun every night. On any given night, you may be opening the door to a sexual re-awakening.

    Explore your kinks and desires as you embark on a sexual journey you will not soon forget.

    3. Remote Controlled Vibrator

    Looking for something that is equal parts fun as it is satisfying? The remote-controlled vibrator is a must-have for any woman that values her pleasure. The best part is, if you have control of the remote, you can pleasure your partner with the utmost precision.

    Can’t make time to visit your affair partner? No matter, because now you can satisfy them no matter where you are! You can even be in a different country and be pleasing your affair partner more than their spouse ever has!

    The Greatest Valentine’s Gift of All

    But the number one thing you should be gifting to any lover this Valentine’s Day is…An orgasm! Based on the Good Wife study conducted by Ashley Madison on their female members, 40% of respondents said their partner rarely or never makes them orgasm and 47% said their partner rarely or never goes down on them. This Valentine’s Day, give the married women you’re sleeping with something they’ll appreciate – the big O.

    So get your affair partner that remote-controlled vibrator or spice things up with lingerie! Remember, when women orgasm, everyone wins!

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